A fire protection service (fire extinguisher maintenance) is required to be undertaken every year according to the British Standard Code of Practice BS 5306 Part 3, to ensure maximum safety of fire extinguishers is apparent.

Basic service (annual)

All equipment gets serviced yearly. This includes;

  • a weight check
  • hose/horn inspection
  • O’rings changed during Inspection,
  • gauge test to ensure that gauges are actually working from E-F a visual inspection
    and finally to ensure that the right equipment is in the correct place (many get moved around or used as door stops)
  • a report of what is on site. The items locations along with any comments upon completion of any remdial works a certificate is issued

No charge for the following spare parts under the basic service – just a flat rate.

  • O’ Rings- FREE OF CHARGE
  • Brackets (‘J’ & c02)- FREE OF CHARGE
  • Service labels/ records- FREE OF CHARGE
  • Tamper tags- FREE OF CHARGE
  • Gauge test labels- FREE OF CHARGE

Extended service

All equipment apart from C02 gets an extended service every 5 years. This includes a basic service as standard and;

  • a discharge test to ensure that the media inside discharges fully and is either re-filled again (Water/foam/ABC POWDER) and repressurised or, if it fails the discharge test, then a replacement unit is required.

C02 extinguishers

These get serviced annually like others types. They have a 5% weight loss tolerance from brand new to commissioning. Then, every year during a basic service, they have a 10% tolerance from brand new. If they are underweight for any reason they are failed and will be noted for replacement. Their extended service/overhaul is due every 10 years instead of 5. These get sent back to the supplier for a full overhaul or replacement (whichever is cheaper) usually replacement.

Fire blankets

These are not tested, but still fall under the ‘basic service’ annually. These are taken out of their container, opened and visually checked for signs of damage. There is no specific life expectancy for a fire blanket.

Fire Extinguisher Installation

We supply, install and commission all types of fire extinguishers across the north east region this covers;

  • Supplying and commissioning of the correct types of fire extinguishers required for your workplace
  • Siting of the fire extinguishers to meet the correct travel distances
  • Wall fixing of the fire extinguishers including correct signage



We offer a full maintenance service on all types of Fire Alarm Systems.

We take the safety of our clients very seriously and our Fire Alarm Services are designed to ensure that your alarms are always operating at optimum levels.

Fire alarm maintenance and the servicing of Fire Alarm systems is not only essential to keep them operating safely, but also a legal requirement.

Our team will ensure your company fully complies with insurance and HSE obligations to maintain and service your fire safety systems.

Our Fire Alarm servicing prices start from as little as £60 per visit.